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Eric S. Filsonfilmmaker & cinematographer

I recently purchased iPro Lens for Artemis and I put together an unboxing video. If you are not familiar with the Artemis, it is an app for DPs, cinematographers, and directors that lets them turn their iPhone into a director's viewfinder. I started using this app several years ago when I shot Sound of the Spirit.

The app was great, however there were some limitations. The iPhone's built in camera is only 30mm (iPhone 4), thus you could not fully preview the framing for anything wider than the built in camera, say an 18mm lens. Around that time I contacted Chemical Wedding and asked if they had thought about using lens adapters to allow for the use of wide angle visualization. They responded and said they had, and asked what lens system for iPhone I recommended. I suggested the iPro Lens system from Schneider Optics.

A couple years of later the makers of the Artemis App finally worked out a deal to create a special calibrated iPro Lens system for Artemis. You can purchase your own lens system
here. I hope this video is helpful!