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Doug TenNapel is an artist and graphic novelist and does some incredible work. I have a friend, Ben Kreis who is doing the book layout design for The Sketchbook Archives Kickstarter project. Consider supporting this project. Here is the official kickstarted description and a few videos:

My name is Doug TenNapel and I have created video games, animated TV shows and graphic novels. But they don't start as games and TV shows, of course, they start as doodles in my sketchbooks. Since I was in 6th grade, I've maintained a discipline of drawing ideas in these books.

They don't just document the birth of characters you've heard of like Earthworm Jim, The Neverhood, Catscratch and Creature Tech, but HUNDREDS of characters and worlds that have never been seen by the public... until now.

I've taken the best drawings from my 42 sketchbooks and put them together into one 250 page, hard bound volume called the Sketchbook Archives. This isn't just a collection of drawings, but it is a useful tool on how to create characters, worlds and story lines for anything from video games to graphic novels and television shows.